Glossy or matte, in natural shades or bold colours, always soft and tempting. Makeup is simply not full without lip makeup. Among the NEO MAKE UP cosmetics, you will find a wide range of solutions suited to the time of day or your mood. Choose a solution for yourself and discover the secret of perfect lips.



Satin Matte Lipstick

A professional lipstick with satin formula.
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Liquid lipsticks

Shape Up Effect Lipstick

Shape Up Effect matte liquid lipstick with an applicator.
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Matte Effect Lipstick

Matte, long-lasting liquid lipstick with an applicator.
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Lip glosses

Bling Effect Lipgloss

Shiny liquid lip gloss with mirror-like brilliance and an applicator.
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Transparentny błyszczyk do ust

Błyszczyk do ust Glossy Effect Lipgloss   Transparentny błyszczyk Glossy Effect Lipgloss zapewni Tobie natychmiastowy efekt pełnych ust o niesamowitym blasku! Dzięki zawartości niacynamidu, soli kwasu hialuronowego i kompleksu witamin z lecytyną usta stają się nawilżona i odżywione.

Lip liners

Waterproof Lip Liner

A professional, innovative lip liner.
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